Version 1.1.23 is now out

Dear All,

glad to announce, that the next version 1.1.23 is soon available from the Play store.

It has quite lot changes. The main changes are:

New features:

– From now on you can add categories to your custom pictures to find them easier

– A new “Voice Recognition” has been built in, so now you can control your devices with voice commands (how to operate see the Configuring domRemote section!

– Implemented a logic which sends regulary a “HELLO” command to the DETH02, which should prevent disconnection of the device from the DETH02

– Added a new option to the Widget settings, from now on you can hide the Clock, Temp, Weather info from the Widget

– There is a new option in the Device settings: Build default hierarchy. You can define a basic hierarchy in your Master. Using this information this can build up the hierarchy from this information. This is a good point to start with the software. First you need however query the module list, then you can build the hierarchy. ATTENTION: this will erase all your previous configuration!


– Finally added the new Android 3+ style Action Bar to the application, this should help with newer devices where there is no phisical menu button (and in some cases no software menu button either). If you click the upper left “Action Bar Icon”, it will bring you back to your root in the device hierarchy. (the connection and voice command buttons are placed here also)

– Added support to the new Regulation mode in the Temperature handling for the Master software version 1.21

– Added Temperature handling support to the DIN10V module, now you can adjust temperature with this controller from 10 – 99.5 °C, which makes it possible to control a Sauna with this

– Added long-click possibility to the SWITCH type MEMO controller, so long-clicking the SWITCH button brings up a dialog with a DOWN and an UP button, so now you can decide in which direction you want to controll all the outputs connected to the MEMO. This is good if eg. you have a memo, which turns all the lights ON / OFF in you house, however the state is read from one reference output, so you might first need to turn on all the ligths in order to turn them off. Now you can decide in which direction you would like all the outputs to be switched.

Bug fixes:

– Fixed empty custom controller cannot be exited to upper level

– Fixed some Force Close issues reported to Play Store

– Fixed min / max for VARs with LOOP type, where min / max values were not imported properly from a saved schema file

– Fixed Teleruptor (TRP) not working from the Widget


– a VERY important change, the LED indicator has been changed. If the indicator is GREEN, this means now that it is TURNED ON, if it is GRAY, it means it is TURNED OFF. (there is NO MORE RED state!!!)

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