domRemote v 1.1.25 back to the Play Store

Dear All,

please be informed that the domRemote software has been republished in the Play Store (and should be available within hours). It has however a new package, so you are not able to update your existing installation to the new version. Instead back up all your settings and data to your dropbox account or the SD card, uninstall the old version, and install the new version from the play store.

In order to use the full features either you need to buy the domRemote License from the Play Store (coming within a couple of weeks), or if you already had an Activation Key, you still can use this with the application.

To use your free (old) activation key, which you already have, go to the Settings -> Import / Export schema section, there the topmost menu item (Enter free key) is the place where you can enter you free activation key you already have. Should you need an other free activation key, the Device ID is also listed there, contact me for it as usual.

The old activation and payment mechanism is no longer available!!! It has been replaced by the Play Strore licensing.

Should you have any question, you can contact me any time using the support e-mail address: domremote [at]

domRemote Team

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