domRemote v1.1.27 on the Play Store

Dear All,

the new version 1.1.27 comes with a few small changes.

First it gives support for DALI interface module and the DPBL0x buttons (Lithoss range buttons).

Secondly the IP camera handling was modified a little bit. You still can add custom IP cameras, but also the IP cameras registered with the Master are listed now in the Modul list, and you can add the DVIP0x cameras as controller. These cameras support JPG picture, and the URL is also copied into the Controller Editor, meaning you can watch the JPG picture of the DVIP0x camera from domRemote.

On newer Android versions (3.1+, API version 12+) RTSP video stream is also available, therefore you can add IP cameras with RTSP support (MPEG4 video stream). However capturing still images from an RTSP video stream might not work at all, as the code relays on libraries implemented by various manufacturers, so taking a pictrue might work on a Samsung device, but not working on a HTC or so.

There has been some change in the Landscape layout for the 10″+ devices, the listview has been replaced with a 2 column gridview (check out the updated pictures on the Play Store for 10″ tablets). I hope this will give a little bit more overview about the controllers, and give a better user experience.

The AMP modul controller (Radio module) was bad on extra large screens, this has also now been fixed.


domRemote Team

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