Version 1.1.29 out

Dear All,

the new version 1.2.29 has been placed on the Play Store.

It has now a new About dialog, where you can check the version of your software and also read the release notes again, if you missed it.

But more important are following changes:

  • the DIN10V module now supports two modes. The first one is like before, you can use the DIN10V module as a Temperature regulator, assign profiles, etc. The second mode is now a Temperature output mode, where no Temperature profile is assigned, but the temperature is calculated from the 0/1-10V value. You need to define the range of your temperature scale (eg. min: -30°C, max: 100°C) and then the acutal temperature will be calculated based on the measured value and the given range.
  • There has been a bug in the Network Service, which kept the service alive, even when it should have been destroyed. This caused, that even if you quit domRemote, and you did not have a Widget on your screen, and set a Service idle time to not infinitive, the connection to the Domintell Master was alive, and the Service tried to reconnect continously while you were walking on the streets, etc. This resulted probably in some battery drain, and extra network traffic. The bug is hopefully now fixed, and the service should be destroyed after the idle period.
  • Fixed some other FC-s reported through the Android Framework

Hope you enjoy the new features and fixes!

Have a good day!


domRemote Team

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