Version 1.1.33 out

Dear All,

version 1.1.33 has been published on the play store. It contains updates Dropbox library, since the old v1 API will be shut down tomorrow.

The Dropbox import/export should work like before, but probably you have to re-enable the application to your Dropbox account. For this, use the “Dropbox account” menu item in the Export/Import schema section.

I plan some changes on the application, I plan to add support for profiles, where you can have multiple profiles (settings and schema), so if you have Domintell system in your home, office and weekend house you can have separate schema for it, and you can change it easily within the application.

I also plan to add a “Coming home” function, where the application would track your GPS position, and in case you are near of your home, it would automatically open your gate and/or garage door, turn on the lights, etc.

Please comment below, if you find there two features useful. If there is demand, I will start to investigate how I could solve these features.

    • joris
    • September 28th, 2017

    Comming home would be a very nice feature!

    • Jose Manuel Navas
    • October 2nd, 2017

    Hi, I think the two very good ideas, especially to put have several installations in the application, this is my case, thank you very much.

    • Miro
    • October 7th, 2017

    Is it possible to show the shutters position for example 20% open? Similar to NIKO home control? Maybe based on working time? Thank you.

    • Hi!

      Currently it is not possible. Calculating the position from the working time is very-very unaccurate, since you have no idea in which position the shutter was before (eg. it was 3/4 down). Also someone could adjust the shutter position by hand (outside of the app using the wall buttons), where domRemote may not get any information (eg. you are not at home, or you are offline). So you check it in your app, and see shutters are down, however may be your wife already pulled all up using the wall buttons. So I think this is very unaccurate, and would work in very special cases.

    • Jozef Pancak
    • October 23rd, 2017

    Comming home is very nice and helpful feature !

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