Version 2.0.0

Dear All,

I decided to face-lift the app a little bit. It’s been a while I created the app, and back then the look and feel of the Android was a bit “ugly”. Meanwhile the UI has been updated a lot, and the applications are looking much better now with default Android UI settings. Also several new components were added to the UI, like navigation drawer, action bar, etc.

So with the next major update I’m going to do a lot of UI enhancement, rework and modification. With this I will drop support for older Android versions, so the new version will not be installable for devices having an Android version below 4.4 KitKat (API version 19). I checked but most of you already are using 5.0+ devices, so I hope it will not affect many of you.

So there will be some features, which will be removed, like background image, distributor settings, and there will be no image supported on device controller bars. However there can be images on “custom” controller bars (like room grouping bars) and also they can have a “room image” which will be displayed at the top of the page.

There will be also a navigation bar, pullable from the left of the screen, which will have a tree structure of your house hierarchy for easy and fast access. Along with this update I will introduce the “Profile” feature to have support for unlimited number of profiles. You will be able to select the desired profile when the app starts (if having more than one) and you can switch between profiles while in the app. There will be an option to set a Wifi SSID for the profile, and if you are on that Wifi network, it will automatically select the associated profile without asking. You will be able to set up the application differently for every profile (different connection, device layout, pictures, etc).

Some screenshots from current development stage (there is still much to be done):

Please if you have time, leave a short comment whether you like the new UI or not, or if you have some ideas for it.


    • Stijn
    • October 26th, 2017

    That’s great news!
    It would also be wonderfull to be able to set timers, schedules and profiles via the app.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • What do you mean by set timers, schedules and profiles via the app? Timers (clocks) can be adjusted in the current version also, but I don’t understand what you mean under schedules and profiles.
      Profile support will come with this update, to have multiple configuration within the application and you can just select which one you would like to use.

      If you mean temperature profiles, unfortunately there is no way in the protocol to create temperature profiles. The one you can do is to adjust the time range of a given temperature profile, but nothing more. Precisely the protocol Domintell offers to the system is some kind of a “read-only” protocol, so you can read what you have installed, control them in some ways but you cannot add anything new to the system or change properties like name, address, conditions, etc.

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