Version 2.0.0 is coming shortly…

Dear All!

First I would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful new year! I hope domRemote will evolve in 2018 further to bring a much better user experience.

The development of the Version 2.0.0 is slowly coming to the end. It will add some new features, it will add new good looking UI, and unfortunately some features will be dropped.

Dropped features:

  • Home Screen Widget: with the introduction of the profiles, it is a much harder task to manage the functionality of the home screen widget. Beside there is no way to design a good looking, usable widget any more. So for V2.0.0 the App Widget will be gone. Will there be a “big demand” for it, please let me know (e-mail or write a short message to the Support section) and I will investigate, how it could be solved with a better approach.
  • Proxy service: since Domintell will have a new Ethernet device, which will allow multiple simultaneous connection (up to 8 connections), I drop the support for the proxy service functionality.

New features:

  • Support for new Ethernet device: V2.0.0 will come with support of new DNET01 ethernet device, even with WSS (secure websocket connection) support, which is much faster, more reliable than the current UDP connection with DETH02.
  • Possibility to have multiple profiles (homes/houses/etc) and easy switching between profiles.
  • Capability to add “room picture” to any “room” controller, to have a nice picture header on every controller page
  • Switch like controllers (switch, dimmer, dmx, indicators, etc) can have different glyph symbol (like different kind of light bulbs, different kind of plugs, etc). You can choose from a large number of different sort of glyphs.
  • Navigation drawer will have a nice tree view of your house hierarchy for better overview and fast navigation.
  • Temperatures are shown on room controllers, where you have a temperature controller inside, allowing you to see the room temperature without to open the room controller itself.
  • If you set up country/city in the profile, the current weather condition will be shown in the navigation drawer title, if you click on the weather icon, you will get a 24h forecast (in 3 hours resolution)


  • reviewed connection management and enhanced for better connection handling

I hope I can push the new version to the Play Store soon. Should you have any doubt / question regarding the above things, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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