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Version 2.1.2 available

Dear All,

just posted version 2.1.2 with some minor fixes and changes to the Play Store. The most important change is to be able to change the app loading screen image. For this go into settings and there choose the Look & Feel menu. There is an option to select a picture or take a photo and use it as the loading screen background image. If you would like to go back to the original, just open this option, and don’t select anything. It will clear the previous selected picture, and go back to the default picture.

Coming home notification for Android version 8+ has also been fixed.

Hope you will enjoy!


Version 2.1.0 on the Play Store

Dear All!

The new version with 2.1.0 is out in Play Store having some minor bug fix and the new Coming Home function.

Important: to use this feature access to your Coarse and Fine location is needed. domRemote does not store and/or send your location data anywhere including 3rd party serverS, 3rd party services or files stored on 3rd party locations or on your device itself! It is only used to determine your location and execute the defined command when you are at the destination.

The Coming Home service is very battery friendly, it uses Coarse location (network based) till you are 1500 meters to your destination, then it will switch to Fine location (using GPS) to provide exact trace of you position.

In settings you can set up a Location based on your current location or using the google maps to search a position. This can be assigned to each Profile. You can define the destination in meters to your defined location below the commands should be executed.

Select  a device (some push button, or similar device) which receives an impulse (button press event) from domRemote when you reach your destination.

Then in the application menu click the Start Coming Home to start it. You may have to accept and grant access to you location data, and in case locations are disabled he app may ask you to turn it on. If you accepted everything, a Notification bar will give you information about the coming home service running, and also display the destination towards you pre-defined point. At this point you can exit domRemote, the Coming Home service will run in the background and will exit, if you arrive to your destination. When the commands are executed your phone will give you a BIP feedback, and the Coming Home service will be terminated. Tapping on the notification you can stop the Coming Home service, or from domRemote using the application menu “Stop Coming Home” (in case it’s running).

There are some devices, which do a very strict battery management, you may have to whitelist domRemote (and may be also domRemote License Key) to Coming Home work properly. Some devices disable background Location services, when they go to deep sleep (DOZE mode). Adding the application to the white list prevents the system to shut down the Location updates for the application.

Should you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me via email!

Version 2.1.0 under testing

Hi Folks!

I’m testing currently version 2.1.0 which will have the “Coming Home” function. This will enable you to trigger a device based on your geographical location.

You can define a GPS coordinate which symbolizes your “Home”. This can be done individually for every profile. You can then define a distance to this GPS coordinate, which means within that circle (for example 30 metric meters) the program assumes you reached your target and triggers the device you selected (sends a simulated short push command to the device). With this distance you can adjust when to open for example your garage door. It should not be too early also should not wait long before the garage door, so you can test which value works for you the best (I do not recommend to use a value below 10 metric meters, since the GPS in the phones are not that accurate, and sometimes maybe you have to sit before your garage door a couple of minutes. Above 10 meters it should work fine).

To select a location you will have the google maps displayed, you can there request to show your current location, and you can place the marker anywhere on the map. Once you accept it, the actual location of the marker will be taken as the destination coordinate!

The selected device should be some pushable device. I recommend you create a virtual button device (BU1) in the Master program, and add any commands you would like to trigger (for example this way you can add multiple functions, like open gate, open garage door, if it is dark, turn on specific outside lights, turn on some internal lights, etc, so when you arrive to your gate, your home is basically waiting for you, by opening the gate, opening the garage, turn on lights you prefer, etc.). Then domRemote will just issue a short push command on this virtual device, and the Master will execute all your commands defined to this button.

After all this settings you just need to trigger the “Start Coming Home” action from the main menu. It will run in the background, so you can exit domRemote. Until you are at least 1 kilometers far from the destination, it will trigger location updates every 60 seconds or 100 metric meters change. So basically it will get location update every minute or if the distance to the previous location is greater than 100 metric meters. If you close below 1 km (1000 metric meters), it will switch to a more frequent location update. While the “Coming Home” function is running, you will have a notification about it in your notification drawer, also indicating how far you are from your destination. (double click the notification will open domRemote where you can stop the coming home function, or do diverse things)

Here some screenshots about the functions:

Version 2.0.0 & further development plans

Dear All,

finally I managed to push the version 2.0.0 to the play store. Unfortunately it had some issues, which I hope managed to fix, and now with 2.0.4 it is running fine.

Sometimes I still get bug reports the application crashes, mostly affected devices are Samsung Galaxy devices, but since the crash occurs in native code (android framework) I really do not know how it is related to the application code anywhere. Can be some old bug in the android, since these devices have Android version 5.0.1 or so.

Anyway I hope you like the new interface and the new functions, and customization possibilities you can do.

Next plans are following:

  • add Coming Home function to do certain actions based on your location. (eg. if you active the function and you are near your home, you can issue commands like open gate, open garage door, turn on external lights, etc., whatever you need)
  • add support for Google Assistant smart home actions, where you would be able to control IoT devices connected to google assistant through domRemote (so you can insert such IoT devices into the same domRemote layout and control them from there). This is a huge topic, so it won’t come fast, but certainly it will come hopefully this year.

I’m open to any suggestion you have, so if you need something, just let me know, and I will check the possibility!

Thanks for your support!

Version 2.0.0 for beta test published

Hi All,

I’ve just published version 2.0.0 for beta testing. This is an open beta test, so you can just apply for the beta test and start using the new version.

This is the URL where you can apply for the testing: BETA TEST

Important: MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SCHEMA AND SETTINGS BEFORE UPGRADE TO NEW VERSION! It should migrate your current schema and settings to the new profile system, but in case there is some bug in the code, you should have a backup of your schema and settings.

I’m waiting for your test results and feedback!

Version 2.0.0 manual has been published

Dear All!

Please check out the Version 2.0.0 changes manual to see the new features and configurations here: Version 2.0.0 changes and configuration

The update to the Play Store is coming shortly, so check carefully the new features. Also make sure you have a proper backup from all your settings, schema, etc. before the new version rolls out, and gets updated. I will perform some migration tests before releasing the new version to verify that the update will not cause any troubles and the existing settings and configuration will be overtaken correctly to the new version.

Version 2.0.0 is coming shortly…

Dear All!

First I would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful new year! I hope domRemote will evolve in 2018 further to bring a much better user experience.

The development of the Version 2.0.0 is slowly coming to the end. It will add some new features, it will add new good looking UI, and unfortunately some features will be dropped.

Dropped features:

  • Home Screen Widget: with the introduction of the profiles, it is a much harder task to manage the functionality of the home screen widget. Beside there is no way to design a good looking, usable widget any more. So for V2.0.0 the App Widget will be gone. Will there be a “big demand” for it, please let me know (e-mail or write a short message to the Support section) and I will investigate, how it could be solved with a better approach.
  • Proxy service: since Domintell will have a new Ethernet device, which will allow multiple simultaneous connection (up to 8 connections), I drop the support for the proxy service functionality.

New features:

  • Support for new Ethernet device: V2.0.0 will come with support of new DNET01 ethernet device, even with WSS (secure websocket connection) support, which is much faster, more reliable than the current UDP connection with DETH02.
  • Possibility to have multiple profiles (homes/houses/etc) and easy switching between profiles.
  • Capability to add “room picture” to any “room” controller, to have a nice picture header on every controller page
  • Switch like controllers (switch, dimmer, dmx, indicators, etc) can have different glyph symbol (like different kind of light bulbs, different kind of plugs, etc). You can choose from a large number of different sort of glyphs.
  • Navigation drawer will have a nice tree view of your house hierarchy for better overview and fast navigation.
  • Temperatures are shown on room controllers, where you have a temperature controller inside, allowing you to see the room temperature without to open the room controller itself.
  • If you set up country/city in the profile, the current weather condition will be shown in the navigation drawer title, if you click on the weather icon, you will get a 24h forecast (in 3 hours resolution)


  • reviewed connection management and enhanced for better connection handling

I hope I can push the new version to the Play Store soon. Should you have any doubt / question regarding the above things, don’t hesitate to contact me.