Change Log

Roadmap for domRemote

v 1.2.0:

– Appwidget control editor (create custom control list/hierarchy for your appwidget to make it possible to build an LCD-Touchscreen-like appwidget controller)

v 1.3.0:

– Possible support for MPEG4 IP cameras

between main releases:

– possibly adding support for new devices

– your suggessions/requests

– if needed bugfixes

In next release

– no plans yet

Change Log for domRemote

Version: 1.1.24

Change log:

New features:

– allow data connections while Roaming, and Data Traffic is explicitly enabled
– display warning message if DETH02 / RS232 firmware version is too old and need to be updated

Bug fixes:
– fixed Null Pointer Exception in Notification dialog
– fixed Null Pointer Exception in landscape Temperature handling screen
– fixed Bug in the Regulation Mode temperature wheel displaying current temperature instead of setpoint

Version: 1.1.23

Change log:

New features:
– Add categorization support for custom Images (more info:!)
– Add voice recognition feature, control your house with voice commands! (more info:
– Sending HELLO command every 50secs to maintain session with DETH02
– New option in the Device settings to build default controller hierarchy from Master information
– New Settings option to Widget settings group to turn off the HEADER of the Widget (clock, temp, weather info)

– Android 3+ style action bar (with backward compatibility till Android v2.1)
– Support for Master software v1.21 temperature handling
– Support for DIN10V module (Temperature handling, from 10.0 – 99.5 °C)
– Support for SWITCH MEMO-s to long-click the UP/DOWN button to get a dialog to choose to turn all controllers linked to MEMO OFF or ON

Bug fixes:
– Fixed empty custom controllers cannot be exited to upper level
– Fixed some Force Close
– Fixed min/max for VARs with LOOP type was not imported properly from a saved schema file
– Fixed Teleruptor not working from widget

– Changed LED indicator, green means turned ON, gray means turned OFF !!!

Version: 1.1.22

Change log:

New features:
– support for password protection with DETH02 (fixed now)

– removed “Use password” setting, if password wrong or not provided, will be asked automatically upon connection request

Bug fixes:
– fixed DMX handling on DETH02 version > 13
– fixed some NPE
– fixed some swedish translation

Version: 1.1.21

Change log:

New features:
– support for password protection with DETH02


Bug fixes:
– fixed bug in CLOCK state restoring procedure
– fixed TRV, TPV, V24 modul handling

Version: 1.1.19

Change log:

New features:


Bug fixes:
– fix Force Close bug with bar color selection dialog on older Android versions (below Android 3.1)

Version: 1.1.18

Change log:

New features:
– save notifications to a log file (can be turned on in settings)

– select custom color for controller bars

Version: 1.1.17

Change log:

New features:
– new design and animations (coloured controller bars)

Bug fixes:
– fixed force close when importing from DropBox with hebrew localization
– fixed context menu issue with diverse android versions

Version: 1.1.15 & 1.1.15-1

Change log:

New features:
– Long clicking on slider controller pops up a wheel to control the value more precisely

– Added VAR saving/restoring ability (like Clock saving/restoring)
– Some changes in Swedish translation

Bug fixes:
– Fixed SFE (with indicator reference) indicator behavior
– Fixed slider VAR refreshing problem
– Hopefully fixed OutOfMemoryError with large background images
– Fixed FC on IP camera/Entryphone device edition
– Fixed FC on Edit device dialog on 10.1″ tablets


Version: 1.1.14

Change log:

New features:
– RGB color selector for DMX device
– Select indicator device for SFE
– added Swedish translation
– Save and Restore clock states (more info on Configuring domRemote)

– VAR range detection and use for min/max values on slider controller
– Changing the language has prompt effect on the settings

Bug fixes:
– fixed some FC-s

Version: 1.1.13

Change log:

New features:


Bug fixes:
– fixed Proxy Service crash on Thread Concurrency problem
– fixed scrollable AppWidget repeated icon problem
– fixed FC with 4×4 nonscrollable AppWidget

Version: 1.1.12

Change log:

New features:
– support for Croatian language
– support for Polish language
– you can start any app if selecting any AUX input on AMP module
– you can rename (give name for) DMX channels
– Entryphone with camera component (more info on website!)
– Changed Appwidget weather API to World Weather Online

– Take picture on IP camera view and save to SD card

Bug fixes:

– fixed Proxy Service APPINFO bug on newer Domintell versions
– fixed Charset issues on received APPINFO labels (hebrew especially)
– fixed serial number character case mismatch on some devices
– fixed controller deleted after exiting Edit mode
– fixed ForceClose at export/import to Dropbox/SD card with huge schemas (lot of custom icons)

– Changed AppWidgets: new scrollable, resizable appwidget for Android 3.0 and above
(minimum size 4×3, can be extended (only Android 3.1 and above) to any size your launcher can handle)
– Scrollable AppWidget now only supported with Google API (SWA discountinued)

Version: 1.1.11

Change log:

New features:
– Proxy mode (full version only, for details visit!)

– added reconnection behavior for session time-out (Network service options)

Bug fixes:
– fixed TRP (Teleruptor) control
– fixed AppWidget connection status output
– fixed AppWidget on ICS (not working 100% yet)
– fixed Force Close bug on Radio control (change radio station to Unknown caused FC)

Version: 1.1.9 and 1.1.10

Change log:

New features:


Bug fixes:
– fixed two force-close bugs and in 1.1.10 fixed temperature charset problem and fixed radio station tuning control index

Version: 1.1.8

Change log:

New features:
– you can now take directly pictures with camera for controller custom icons
– custom background for pages
– adjustable controller background transparency

– improved MEMO handling (for instructions see domRemote!)
– added Save button to CLOCK and RADIO dialogs
– now custom controller images are exported and imported to/from XML (also to/from Dropbox)
– improved session handling with exclusive DETH02

Bug fixes:
– fixed bug: could not remove device notification
– fixed some other minor bugs

Version: 1.1.7

Change log:

New features:
– support for Dropbox account in export/import (one folder access!)
– support for Radio Station Names in radio tuning
– support Radio station names on AppWidgets

– improved speed/responsiveness when receiving large amount of status changes (eg. PING)

– fixed some force close possibility

Version: 1.1.6

Change log:

New features:

– Compatibility with new Domintell software version (1.19.17)
– Support for Radio Station names on newest Domintell software version

Version: 1.1.5

Change log:

New features:
– Support for DTRP02 module
– Support for scrollable AppWidgets (4×4 and 5×5) for diverse launchers (like ADW Launcher, GO Launcher EX, etc)

Version: 1.1.4

Change log:

New features:
– Support for Turkish language
– Support for copy/paste controllers/controller structures in edit mode (copy/paste with long click, more info at Configuration!)
– In edit mode new menu option: add new device (no need to scroll down to the button anymore)
– Changed DMX configuration, now individual channels can be selected to display on controller (please reconfigure your DMX controllers after update!!!)
– Notification enabled on DISMx modules

Design changes:
– redesigned weather forecast dialog for AppWidgets
– fixed 7×8 AppWidget layout problems
– Read-only switch control icon can now be selected (switch / LED indicator)
– Support for scrollable AppWidget on Android 3.0 and above

Bug fixes:
– Fixed bug, causing domRemote not to connect to Domintell device till Home WIFI SSID is not set
– Fixed Force Close in some cases when leaving the Edit Mode
– Fixed notifications to appear more than once on status change
– Fixed bug on read-only switch controllers with LED indicator not showing switch state properly

Version: 1.1.3

Change log:

New features:
– At adding new devices, if label empty, device name is used as label
– New display type for multifunction devices: Indicator (LED showing true/false state)
– AppWidget now displaying connection status, also enabled reconnecting from AppWidget by clicking status icon
– Temperature now hidden on AppWidget if you have no temperature control selected
– New option in settings for automatic connection profile selection (Home Wifi SSID)

Design changes:
– Finally tested with Android 3.1 on an extra large screen, so many design fix for 10.1″ tablets
– Some new pictures
– Some AppWidget design changes
– Slider size fix for large screens
– Reorganized settings
– Reorganized edit device dialog

Bug fixes:
– Bug fix for dimmer controls
– Bug fix for extra large screens with edit device dialog (Force close)
– Fixed DDMX01 control panel label
– Fixed APPINFO dialog not disappearing after 1 minute timeout

V 1.1.2:

– AppWidget problem fix for Android version 2.1
– Modified DMX icon for AppWidget
– Modified Clock, Temperature and Amplifier icon for AppWidget (available from Android 2.2)
– Layout change for slider control bars (smaller slider size to prevent slider action during ListView scrolling on some devices)

V 1.1.1:

– bugfix for PBL temperature mode

V 1.1.0:

– layout fixes for Hebrew language
– language code fix for Czech language
– load custom pictures from your gallery for use on controller bars (full version only)
– added settings for notification (enable vibration, lights, customize notification sound)
– modified payment method (more info: see configuration page)
– ability to create read-only controllers
– DDMX01 module support
– Sliders now show percentage value

v 1.0.11:

– Added new languages: Slovak, Hebrew
– Fixed IP Camera issue, if IP Camera had password protection (Basic authentication now supported, for more details please visit configuration section)
– Added notification support for Variable changes (for more details please visit configuration section)

v 1.0.10:

– removed password settings option from Application Settings, because password protection can not be solved.

v 1.0.9:

– changed application name to domRemote

v 1.0.8:

– Added support for Multifunction LCD (DLCD03) (temperature control only)
– Added support for DTSC01/03 (Touchscreen) (temperature control only)
– Added Czech localization (credits to CMS s.r.o)
– Fixed temperature control for DPBLCD01
– Some translation fixes
– Some graphical fixes
– Added some new icons + reorganized icon list

v 1.0.7:

– Added new theme icons
– Fixed force close when refreshing listviews from background thread

v 1.0.6:

– DPBTLCD0x defaults to Push Button instead of Temperature control (due to temperature cannot be controlled in this module)
– Fixed XML loading issues (device list not showing any devices, or failed to load control panel after restart)
– Added new language: Dutch (credits to Gregory K.)

v 1.0.5:

– Added support for release notes
– Added support for BUx long push
– Added support for DMOV01 Infrared motion detector (status output only)
– Added support for DLED01 4 LEDs driver (status output only)
– Added support to force reconnect the device clicking on the connection status icon in the upper-right corner
– Localized temperature mode labels in Temperature control
– Graphical enhancements (affecting mainly the appwidgets), reduced APK size

v 1.0.4:

– Force close issue with deleting controls and switch controls finally solved!

v 1.0.3:

– added support for DMR01 (5 monopolar relays)
– changed BUx control to LED light (able to control switching module behind BUx and show BUx LED light status, however you can not control BUx LED light status!)
– fixed Force Close issue by switch controls
– fixed Force Close issue when deleting controls in edit mode
– revised FAN coil module

v 1.0.2:

– failed build

v 1.0.1:

– graphical and layout fixes

v 1.0.0:

– first release

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