domRemote feature list

Supported UI controls:

  • switch (on-off state)
  • push button (supporting long and short push)
  • push button with LED output for DPB(U/T)01,02,04,06
  • slider (seekbar) for dimmer and loop variables
  • scrollable wheel for clock, amplifier and temperatures
  • video view for MJPEG videos (IP Camera)
  • shutter control (up and down)
  • plus/minus control (temperature profile)
  • LED indicator for some read-only control types

Supported control modes:

  • support for multi-control devices, like LCD Push buttons, SYS and VAR variables
  • available options for those controls:
  1. application default (uses the predefined default control for device)
  2. switch control
  3. push control
  4. slider control
  5. temperature control
  6. led indicator (usable with read-only devices as indicator – like alarm is on, etc.)

Supported Domintell controller modules:

  • DISM08, DISM04 (4/8 input modules)
  • DPB(U/T)01,02,04,06 (1/2/4/6 push buttons)
  • DBIR01 (8 bipolar relays)
  • DMR01 (5 monopolar relays)
  • DTRV01 (4 shutter inverters)
  • DTPV02 (2 shutter command with teleruptors)
  • DDIM01 (8 dimmer commands)
  • DOUT10V01/V02 (0/1-10V dimmer module)
  • DTEM01/02 (Temperature sensor)
  • DTSC02,04 (TFT Touchscreen)
  • DTSC35 (3,5″ TFT touchscreen)
  • DTRVBT01 (1 DC shutter command)
  • DAMPLI01 (Sound Module)
  • DPBTLCD0x (LCD push buttons)
  • DFAN01 (FAN controller)
  • DLED01 (4-LED driver)
  • DMOV01 (Infrared detector)
  • DTRV02 (4 teleruptors)
  • System Variables
  • Variables
  • Memos
  • Spheres
  • Temperature profile editing
  • Clocks
  • Radio Station names
  • IP Camera View (supported almost all cameras broadcasting using HTTP protocol and MJPEG format)

Widget features:

  • Supporting 4×4 size widgets to use on mobile phones as full screen widget (also in scrollable mode on supported Launchers)
  • Supporting 5×5 size widgets to use on smaller tablets (tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab) (also in scrollable mode on supported Launchers)
  • Supporting 7×8 size widgets to use on extra large tablets like 10,1″ Android 3.0 tablets (tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1), now scrollable on Android 3.0 and above
  • Support current weather information and weather forecast upon tapping on weather icon
  • Support to show one temperature control values (temperatue and mode) on homescreen appwidget
  • Support to be able to control every single device through widget as from the main application

Layout features:

  • support layouts for small, normal, large and extra large screens
  • support for screen densities for ldpi, mdpi, hdpi and xhdpi
  • support for extra large tablet configurations like extra large display with mdpi density (using different bigger layouts and images to display usable UI)
  • support for various icons (also custom icons) to use on controlbars
    • Rafael
    • February 7th, 2013

    I need to know where I can buy electric modules for use with app…


    • Bart
    • February 12th, 2016


    My temperature profile on my DTSC04 is set to normal low 19°. The domremote app is showing 10°modus “unknown”? Also I can view all temperature profiles, I can edit the profiles but how can I switch between these profiles?


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