Version 1.1.22 is out

Dear All!

With some bug fixes a new version is out now. It contains fix for password authentication, and also for DMX module handling on DETH02 with firmware version greater than 13. Beside the password handling has been changed a little bit, I removed the “Use password” checkbox, and rewrote the logic, so now the password will be prompted whenever the DETH02 responds with AUTH FAILED. Of course if you save the password in the settings it will be used to authenticate.

I plan some bigger change for the next version.

domRemote will support Master software version 1.21 with new temp cooling & heating profile handling, and will add categorization option for the custom glyps for easy search.


Update 1.1.21

Dear All,

long time I not published any new features. This was because I was waiting for permission from Trump S.A. for the password authentication. Now good news! domRemote from this version does officially support the password authentication with your DETH02. In order to use the password in the settings check “Use password” checkbox, and optionally you can define your password in the option below. If you do not enter your password, domRemote will prompt it on startup.

There are also some little bug fixes, mainly for new DETH02 micro code v17, where we had problems with the Shutter controllers. Hopefully this is also solved now.

Should you have problems, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email about the problems.


domRemote Team

Update 1.1.20 / 1.1.20-1

Dear All!

World Weather Online has changed it’s API, so I had to refresh the App. But good news, you received very nice weather icons and also day/night icons are used now.

Sorry from users with devices running lower than Android 3.0, a small change did a Force Close to them. Now hopefully soon the fix will be available from Play Store.


domRemote Team

Update 1.1.19

Hi All!

Unfortunatelly there was some unsupported API call in the last version, which failed on older Android versions (<3.0). So I removed that call, and updated the software!

Update your domRemote if you had issues with Color Picker Dialog in the settings.


domRemote Team

domRemote version 1.1.18 available


A new version has been published today on the Google Play store!

It has few changes:

– save notification events into a log file on your SD card

– use custom colors on the controller bars (can be selected in Settings/Look and Feel)

I hope you enjoy the new features!


domRemote Team

Happy new Year with version 1.1.16 (updated to version 1.1.17)

Dear Folks!

First of all I wish you all a happy new Year for 2013!

To celebrate this, a new version has been released. It has some change in design, it received coloured controller bars instead of the gray ones. (The blue is for custom controllers, the gray for controllers actually controlling some device, the green is for controllers which have some sub-window to control some complex device, like clocks, temperature, etc.). Also added some nice animation to the controllers making slide each controller nicely in and out.

Also fixed a localization bug in hebrew which caused the application to force close when importing a file from dropbox.


domRemote Team

PS: fixed the bug caused the context menu to disappear. Update to version 1.1.17 which is on the Google Play already!

Version 1.1.15

Dear All!

Not long since last release, and this new version is out. It fixes some bugs with Device Editing dialog on cell phones and on tablets (for tablet fix use version 1.1.15-1!).

Beside some enhancements:

  • Long clicking on slider controller pops up a wheel to control the value more accurate
  • Added VAR saving/restoring ability (like Clock saving/restoring)

Hope now everything works 🙂

domRemote Team