Version 1.1.14 out with cool features!

Dear Folks!

Proud to present the newest version 1.1.14.

It has some cool features, like RGB color selector for DMX device (used for RGB LED-s) and clock state saving & restoring ability.

Also SWEDISH translation has been added! 🙂

Details on Change Log and Configuring domRemote (Section 6 describes new changes near end of page, check it!)


domRemote Team


Version 1.1.12

Dear Folks!

It’s been long since last release. Now a new version will be released today so stay tuned.

Lot’s have been made to the software, some new features, some new translations, some bugfixes, some changes 🙂 Check the change log for detailed info.


domRemote Team

Upcoming version

Dear All!

It’s been a while since last release. Now we have some fine enchancements and features for the next release. Please check the changelog!


domRemote Team

Version 1.1.11 available!

Dear Folks!

Version 1.1.11 has been released and hopefully it has some fine enhancement for all (and not so many bugs 🙂 )!

The biggest new feature is the proxy feature, where you can use one of your devices as a gateway to the DETH02, and so connect multiple devices at the same time to one DETH02. However this is an experimental feature, so it might have bugs, but should work. Good news is that it does not only support domRemote, but also supports the Apple iThing softwares also :). Check the proxy configuration under the menu item “Configuring domRemote”, direct link: PROXY CONFIGURATION

The appwidget has still some bugs on ICS 4.0, but may be it is more HTC Launcher related. It’s been tested on HTC Sensation, but after a while it force closes the laucher itself, so something not 100%. May be you could try it on a non HTC/Sense ICS 4.0 rom (eg. Samsung), to see if the problem on other platform exists. Till I try to figure out what could be the problem.

Enjoy! 🙂

domRemote Team

Version 1.1.10

Well, this is not my day 😦

Still some annoying bugs remained in app… Corrected, hopefully won’t come any more for a while…

Version 1.1.9


Sorry, but there remained two bugs in previous release. Now these are fixed!

Nobody’s perfect 😀

domRemote version 1.1.8 is out

Hi All!

After long development and enhancements finally the newest version is out.

It contains many enhancements, and also some bugfixes and compatibility fixes with recent Domintell software versions.

Enjoy the features, and let me know if something goes wrong 🙂