Privacy Policy

Since the application is using some sensitive permissions, I was forced to state a privacy policy. Here I will explain what the sensitive permissions are doing, and what data will be stored and where.

  • READ_PHONE_STATE: this permission is used to get the device ID in case somebody is granted with a free activation key. The device ID is normally sent to me via e-mail and I send a generated Activation Key back. The device ID is not stored in any database by me.
  • READ_NETWORK_STATE: this is used to get the connection information for domRemote whether it should use the Internet connection profile or the LAN connection profile (is it connected to the “Home WIFI network” or not). It is also used to determine if the phone is roaming or not. No gathered data are sent or stored anywhere.
  • CAMERA: the camera is only used to create custom glyphs which are shown on the controller bars. The pictures are resized to a relatively small size, and are stored on the SD card (or internal memory card, depends on how you set up your phone). The pictures are not sent and stored elsewhere.
  • RECORD_AUDIO: this permission is used to control domRemote through voice commands. The recorded audio is used within Google’s Voice Recognition API, and is not sent or stored by me elsewhere.
  • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION and ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: this permission is used for the “Coming home” function. The location data will not stored anywhere and it is not sent to anywhere online. The location data is only used inside the application and while the application (background service) is running. It is used to determine if you are close enough to your defined location and if so, execute the pre-defined functions. A GPS coordinate can be stored inside the application for every profile you have, but this GPS coordinate is also not stored outside the application or sent anywhere to a 3rd party server (exception: you export your profiles to dropbox or SD card, but this is not controlled by me, and I have no access to these data).

In general the application does not store or send any data to third parties like me or any other network service. The application only communicates with the Play Store (checking license) and with your own Domintell installation. It does not store pictures, does not record audio and does not read any other phone information except the Device ID.

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